Course Schedule

This schedule is still being refined. The readings will be posted here.
Note that every class for which a reading is assigned requires submission of a review of that paper. In addition, the "Due dates" column indicates other items due on that day.
Date Topic and Notes Due dates Readings for this class
W 19-Jan Introduction (slides)
M 24-Jan How to read a paper (Slides)
W 26-Jan Discussion: end-to-end systems abstraction (Photos from whiteboard; courtesy of Kastur!) Write up on system abstraction due. No required readings.
M 31-Jan Foundations: Binaries, Viruses, malware analysis (Slides)
W 2-Feb Moving Target Defense (SoK Automated Software Diversity)
M 7-Feb Virtual Machines
W 9-Feb Evasive malware and CPU Features
M 14-Feb ARM CPU Features HW1 due at 11:59PM Central
W 16-Feb Architectural sidechannels
  • Required reading:
    Spectre: Exploiting Speculative Execution.
    Paul Kocher, Jann Horn, Anders Fogh, Daniel Genkin, Daniel Gruss, Werner Haas, Mike Hamburg, Moritz Lipp, Stefan Mangard, Thomas Prescher, Michael Schwarz, and Yuval Yarom.
    Oakland 2019.
  • Optional reading(s):
    Meltdown: Reading Kernel Memory from User Space.
    Moritz Lipp, Michael Schwarz, Daniel Gruss, Thomas Prescher, Werner Haas, Anders Fogh, Jann Horn, Stefan Mangard, Paul Kocher, Daniel Genkin, Yuval Yarom, and Mike Hamburg.
    Usenix Security 2018.
M 21-Feb LLVM and dynamic analysis (Whiteboard photos from Jeerthi)
W 23-Feb Rowhammer
Project proposal discussion (Whiteboard photos from Jeerthi)
(we will move Rowhammer after Spring Break). Be prepared to discuss potential project ideas. Submit bulleted list of 3 ideas in plaintext or PDF.
M 28-Feb Kernel rootkits (Whiteboard photos from Jeerthi)
W 2-Mar Project Proposal Presentations
M 5-Mar No class, Spring break
W 7-Mar No class, Spring break
M 14-Mar LLVM Crash Course! (Slides) Happy pi day! (but Tau is better) No review required, but you should definitely have read the HW2 specification before this lecture!
W 16-Mar Ethics (of research and security)
M 21-Mar Foundations: human studies
W 23-Mar Hardware Security
M 28-Mar Autonomous vehicles
W 30-Mar Guest Lecture by Mr. Stefan Larson (Slides)
M 4-Apr Network Security
W 6-Apr Nation State Attacks, APTs, EDRs HW2 due at 11:59PM Central
M 11-Apr TOR
W 13-Apr Botnets
  • Required reading:
    Understanding the Mirai Botnet. By Manos Antonakakis, Tim April, Michael Bailey, Matthew Bernhard, Elie Bursztein, Jaime Cochran, Zakir Durumeric, J. Alex Halderman, Luca Invernizzi, Michalis Kallitsis, Deepak Kumar, Chaz Lever, Zane Ma, Joshua Mason, Damian Menscher, Chad Seaman, Nick Sullivan, Kurt Thomas, and Yi Zhou. In USENIX 2017.
M 18-Apr Cryptocurrency HW3 due at 11:59PM Central
W 20-Apr Guest Lecture: Dr. Chad Spensky, Allthenticate
(Zoom Link on Piazza)
Allthenticate website
M 25-Apr Bonus lecture: career development and failure
W 27-Apr Final Project Presentations All materials due!

There are no exams for this class.